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Cherri Ortega
LEGAL NAME: lindsey ortega
ALIAS: cherri
DOB + AGE: february 14, 1991 + 25
HOMETOWN: norman, oklahoma
CURRENT RESIDENCE: 497 South Polk St Apt C3
OCCUPATION: morgue assistant
FAMILY: richard (father) camille (mother) (older brother) (older sister)

Valentine's Day 1991; Instead of doing something romantic with her bpyfriend, Camille was heading to the hospital to have her second daughter. Ten hours later Lindsey made her debut. One loud shriek and then the baby girl went quiet. Initially it worried the doctors but the tiny bundle kicked up a fuss once the nurses tried to clean her up and get her ready to meet her parents for the first time. Little did Camille and Richard know it would set the tone for their daughter's life.

For the most part Lindsey was a quiet little thing. Constantly watching what was going on around her. It wasn't until she learned how to walk and talk that things got a little louder in the Ortega household. Lindsey was quick to tell her parents NO (what kid didn't like that word?) when she didn't like something. The trend continued straight up until the time that Kindergarten started—it was there that the vivacious brunette would learn how to communicate properly. From then on Camille never had to wonder what was on her daughter's mind.

School was something that Camille never had to fight their daughter about. Lindsey loved going to class and learning something new each day. So when she came home and announced that she wanted to be a teacher at the tender age of six it was no surprise. Instead of discouraging their daughter from such a tedious job, Camille and Richard found ways to encourage it. On weekends they sat in "class" while Lindsey taught them whatever her over active imagination could think of. It wasn't obvious to Miss Lindsey that her parents were struggling to sit in the same room together.

The fairy-tale life that Lindsey knew came to a screeching halt just before she started eighth grade.

Camille suddenly announced that she had Richard were no longer together and that the family was moving. While heartbroken and confused Linsdey didn't ask too many questions. She simply said goodbye to her friends and packed up her room as she was told. They remained in the same town; just a different house. It seemed like everything would be much of the same until Camille started to bring a string of men home. As Lindsey grew older those men seemed to start having heart-eyes for her rather than her mother.

Lindsey tried to bring it up a few times but Camille always balked. Often she asked why a grown man would want a little girl like her or accuse her of trying to seduce them. It would be another three years before Camille would bust one of her boyfriends trying to get Linsdey in bed with him. Instead of attacking the man Camille launched at her daughter. It was the last straw for the sixteen year old. That night, once all the dust had settled and her lip had been iced, she packed as much of her belongings that she could.

She found safety at a friend's house. The Larsens were well aware of everything going on and happily let her stay with them so she could finish high school. It wasn't nearly as seemless as they all would have wished. Camille figured out where her daughter was and went to drag her back home. NPD had to come and break up many verbal disputes between Camille and Ana Larsen. After one particuarly nasty fight Lindsey finally reletned and went home with her mother. A new cycle of abuse happening while she strugged to finish school.

As soon as her dipolma was in her hand, Lindsey packed up her belongings once again. Most of it was dropped off with the Larsen's before she left with only a duffel bag full of clothes, a backpack, and an address. Richard had long left town and Lindsey was on a mission to find him. The hunt took her to a few different states and in each one the story was the same: she had just missed him and he wasn't exactly someone everyone liked. After the fourth try the hunt was deemed over. There was no point in chasing a proverbial ghost around the country.

† Adopted the nickname Cherri at 18 after a trucker she was hitching a ride with made a joke about her love of cherries. Now she only introduces herself as Cherri. A handful of people know her legal name; those are the people she trusts the most.
† The Larsens are the only people from home that know her psychical location. Her sibling opted not to know in an attempt to protect her from Camille. She skypes with all of them on a weekly basis.
† Since leaving Oklahoma she hasn't been back and doesn't plan to. Last she heard Camille was still going through men like water.
† Finds tattoos fascinating but has none of her own. She had multiple designs in mind but has yet to take the plunge.
† Socially drinks but never enough that she's completely trashed. Keeping it classy is more important to her. Plus being somewhat coherent makes her feel safer.
† Relationships are something that she's always struggled with. Once it turns serious she starts to freak out a little and pushes them away.
† Learned how to do hair and make-up in middle school thanks to theater. It is something that she loves to do and still continues to do to this day–mostly on herself.
† Thanks to her brother scaring the crap out of her after watching It she avoids walking near storm drains in the street.
† Thinks of herself as friendly rather than flirty. Her sister likes to disagree and teases her about it often.
† Likes to mix Sprite with cherry and vanilla flavoring.
† Junk foods make her queasy in large quantities. It made traveling around the country a little difficult but she managed.
† Wants to try AcroYoga because it looks challenging.
† learned, and can still do, all the moves to Thriller.

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